Makoko floating village, the American Experience

By Fatima Muhammed

In the heart of Makoko, one of the world’s largest floating slum villages in Lagos,a unique living experience challenges conventional norms of housing and rent.

According to a conversation with an American resident, who explore the incredible journey of living in a brand-new, month-old structure with an astonishing monthly rent of $0.00.

In the interviewee’s living space,the entire building is less than a month old, emphasizing the transformative power of renewal and hope in this dynamic community.

The living space boasts a remarkable approach to sustainability. Rainwater is collected from the roof and stored in a tank, offering an environmentally conscious water source. A room in the house is aptly named the “missionary room,” housing a bed and a bathroom, symbolizing the embodiment of purpose within this unique living.

“Everything is new,this is not even a month ,the whole building is not even a month old. We are catching water off the roof and going into that tank. This is 60 dollars and this is what I call the missionary room”.

Despite the unconventional setting, the resident is determined to connect with the world outside. With the presence of a green screen, the resident teaches US students remotely, showcasing the power of technology and education in bridging distances.

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The living space also includes a solar system for charging small devices and has plans for a fish tank with tilapia fish. An ambitious endeavor to introduce greenery and plant growth in Makoko is underway, with the belief that a greener environment can transform the perception of the slum.

“So I am trying to introduce growing plants to Makoko.I think it won’t look like a slum.If you have green do the plants help,clean the water.The plants saves our lives we don’t really appreciate it”.

When asked about how they manage to survive in Makoko when other affluent areas like Banana Island are available, the resident underscores the essence of relationships. Love and care for the community and its people are the driving forces that enable them to live contently in less conventional circumstances.

“Life is about relationships once you love people,you can leave anywhere ,you can sleep on a cot in does not matter where you sleep”.

This unique living experience in Makoko is a testament to human adaptability, resourcefulness, and the ability to find happiness in unexpected places. It is a reminder that the value of a place isn’t solely determined by its cost, but by the connections and love that flourish within its walls. In Makoko, it’s not where you sleep that matters, but who you share your space with.

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