Nigerian Law Firms Losing Top Lawyers to Japa Drive

In a recent interview with a senior lawyer at a top Nigerian law firm, he revealed that about fifteen lawyers have left his firm altogether in the three cities they have an office in Nigeria just this year. He said that these lawyers have relocated abroad and that they are currently looking for more lawyers to employ.

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This is just one example of the many law firms in Nigeria that are losing top talent to the “japa” drive, a term used to describe the mass exodus of Nigerians who are relocating to other countries in search of better opportunities.

There are a number of factors contributing to the japa drive in Nigeria, including economic instability, insecurity, and a lack of opportunities for young professionals. Lawyers are no exception to this trend, as many are finding that they can earn better salaries and have better working conditions abroad.

The loss of top lawyers is having a significant impact on law firms in Nigeria. Not only is it making it difficult for firms to find and retain qualified staff, but it is also leading to a decline in the quality of legal services available.

One of the biggest challenges for law firms is that the lawyers who are leaving are often those who have stayed long in the firm and who have mastered the job. The ones left behind are the upcoming lawyers who are still under tutelage and can’t cover up for the lawyers that exited.

This is having a negative impact on the efficiency of law firms and is leading to delays in cases. It is also making it more difficult for law firms to attract new clients.

The japa drive is not just impacting law firms. It is also affecting a wide range of other industries in Nigeria, including healthcare, tech, and banking and finance.

The loss of top talent is having a serious impact on the Nigerian economy as a whole. It is making it more difficult for businesses to operate and is leading to a decline in productivity.

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The government of Nigeria needs to address the root causes of the japa drive in order to stop the loss of top talent and to prevent further damage to the economy.

Source: Tekedia

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