FG signs MOU with consortium of private developers for 100,000 Housing units

By Taiwo Ajayi

In a groundbreaking move aimed at alleviating Nigeria’s persistent housing crisis, the Federal Government has officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with a consortium of private developers. This significant agreement outlines plans for the construction of 100,000 housing units across the nation.

The MOU signing ceremony, held on a momentous day, December 21, 2023, emphasized the government’s commitment to addressing the critical shortage of affordable housing. The collaboration involves a strategic partnership between the Federal Government and a consortium led by esteemed developers CONTINENTAL CIVIL AND GENERAL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY LIMITED and CEEZALI LIMITED.

The partnership is a crucial component of the Renewed Hope Cities and Estates Program and is structured under a Strategic Public-Private Partnership (PPP). The ambitious goal is to provide innovative solutions to the housing challenges faced by a substantial portion of the Nigerian population.

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The Honorable Minister of Housing and Urban Development, speaking at the event, underscored the importance of this collaborative effort in achieving the government’s vision of delivering 100,000 housing units. This transformative initiative not only addresses the immediate housing needs but also contributes to broader socioeconomic goals.

“As we sign this MOU with the consortium, we mark a significant milestone in our commitment to providing quality and affordable housing for Nigerians. This partnership represents a bold step towards tackling the housing deficit that has persisted for too long,” declared the Honorable Minister.

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The terms of the agreement outline the responsibilities of the private developers in terms of financing the construction, adhering to specified designs and pricing, and ensuring the timely delivery of the housing units. The Federal Ministry of Housing and Urban Development will play a crucial role in facilitating affordable mortgage loans through the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN) to make homeownership accessible.

The ambitious Renewed Hope Housing Project is slated to unfold in two phases. The first phase will witness the construction of 20,000 housing units in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), while the second phase aims to deliver an additional 80,000 units in strategic locations across the country.

Highlighting the broader impact of the initiative, the Honorable Minister revealed that the project is anticipated to generate 2,500,000 direct and indirect jobs, aligning with the government’s commitment to poverty reduction and job creation.

Recognizing the magnitude of Nigeria’s housing challenge, the Minister emphasized the necessity of public-private partnerships in addressing the deficit effectively. The adopted PPP model ensures transparency, accountability, and a sustainable approach to long-term housing solutions.

Commending the leadership of CONTINENTAL CIVIL AND GENERAL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY LIMITED and CEEZALI LIMITED, the Honorable Minister expressed optimism about the success of the collaboration and its transformative impact on Nigeria’s housing landscape.

As the MOU is officially signed on December 21, 2023, it marks a pivotal moment in the government’s strategy to confront the housing crisis head-on, signaling hope for a future where affordable housing is accessible to a larger segment of the Nigerian population.

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