Top 5 Affordable Places to Live in Abuja


Now, let’s dive into the top 5 affordable places to live in Abuja, along with the approximate rental prices:

1. Dutse Alhaji

Dutse Alhaji stands out as one of the most budget-friendly areas in Abuja. Located in the Bwari Area Council, this satellite town offers an attractive living option for those seeking affordability. Dutse Alhaji is bordered by Kubwa to the left, Dawaki to the east, Gwarimpa to the north, and Usman Dam to the south.As the population of Abuja continues to grow, causing accommodation costs in the city center to skyrocket, many individuals with more modest budgets turn to Dutse Alhaji. Here, you can find reasonably priced rental options, such as:Single Rooms: ₦‎70,000 to ₦‎100,000Self Contained: ₦‎150,000 to ₦‎350,000One-Bedroom Apartments: ₦‎350,000 to ₦‎500,000Two-Bedroom Apartments: ₦‎450,000 to ₦‎1,000,000

2. Lugbe, Abuja

Lugbe is a sizable district with a mix of expensive and budget-friendly streets. This area has witnessed significant growth in learning, social activities, and commerce due to its increasing population. The opening of the Novare Gateway Mall, home to Shoprite, has transformed Lugbe into a shopping and leisure destination.Key rental price ranges in Lugbe include:Single Rooms: ₦‎50,000 to ₦‎100,000Self Contained: ₦‎150,000 to ₦‎400,000One-Bedroom Apartments: ₦‎400,000 to ₦‎700,000Two-Bedroom Apartments: ₦‎450,000 to ₦‎2,000,000

3. Kuje, AbujaKuje

situated south of the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, offers affordable property options. The journey to the international airport takes approximately 15 minutes, while reaching the center of Abuja requires around 30 minutes.Kuje’s Local Government Area features reasonably priced properties, making it an attractive option for those on a budget. As development in Kuje continues to accelerate, property values are expected to rise in the future. Here are typical rental prices:Single Rooms: ₦‎50,000 to ₦‎100,000Self Contained: ₦‎150,000 to ₦‎250,000One-Bedroom Apartments: ₦‎300,000 to ₦‎400,000Two-Bedroom Apartments: ₦‎500,000 to ₦‎1,000,000

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4. Piwoyi, Lugbe

Abuja Piwoyi, located in the Lugbe area, offers proximity to the town and easy access to Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport. It is known for its quiet, residential environment, steady electricity supply, and growing infrastructure, including the School of Law and essential amenities. Rental prices in Piwoyi range as follows:Single Rooms: ₦‎80,000 to ₦‎120,000Self Contained: ₦‎200,000 to ₦‎400,000One-Bedroom Apartments: ₦‎500,000 to ₦‎700,000Two-Bedroom Apartments: ₦‎1,000,000 to ₦‎2,000,000

5. Karu Urban Area

Karu, experiencing substantial population growth, has become a favored location for affordable housing, particularly among newcomers to Abuja. While the area faces challenges like traffic congestion and inconsistent power supply, it offers budget-friendly rental options. Here are approximate rental prices in Karu:Single Rooms: ₦‎50,000 to ₦‎100,000Self Contained: ₦‎150,000 to ₦‎350,000One-Bedroom Apartments: ₦‎400,000 to ₦‎600,000Two-Bedroom Apartments: ₦‎700,000 to ₦‎2,000,000Please note that rental prices can vary based on factors such as property condition, location within the area, and additional amenities provided.


These 5 Affordable Places to Live in Abuja offer a chance to live comfortably in Abuja without straining your finances. Before making your move, consider your specific needs, preferences, and budget constraints to choose the perfect place to call home in this remarkable city.

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