Sabon Lugbe Community Seeks Urgent Repair of Dilapidated Road

Sabon Lugbe Community Seeks Urgent Repair of Dilapidated Road

Residents of Sabon Lugbe, Lugbe District in Abuja have called on the government to step in and address the deteriorating condition of their only access road. The residents, who spoke to journalists on Monday, expressed concerns over the road’s deteriorating state, which they fear could lead to a complete collapse of the central culvert, the main drainage channel for the area.

The community, which comprises various estates, including Aso Estate, Taproot Estate, Sallybest Estate, Dayspring Estate, Vergas Estate, and KYC Estate, relies on this road for access to Airport Road and the rest of the city. The road’s condition has worsened over the past seven years due to increased traffic and development in the area.

Mr. Folorunsho Okeji, Chairman of the Aso Estate Residents Association, highlighted the critical role of the road in serving the community. He pointed out that the central culvert’s collapse would not only impact Sabon Lugbe residents but also neighboring settlements and the community’s water source.

Okeji further described the road’s deteriorating sections, where residents have resorted to placing expired tires as makeshift warnings to alert drivers of the impending danger. He emphasized the urgency of the situation, stating, “We are calling on the government to take immediate action to repair this road before it becomes too late.”

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The residents’ plea for government intervention underscores the importance of maintaining adequate infrastructure to ensure the well-being of communities. The deteriorating condition of the access road poses a significant risk to the safety and mobility of Sabon Lugbe residents and highlights the need for prompt attention from the authorities.

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