Land Dispute in Anambra: Ifite Village Seeks Government Intervention

Members of Ifite village in Enugwu-Agidi, Anambra State, took to the streets on Saturday, staging a peaceful protest against alleged land grabbing activities. Their anger was directed at a Real Estate and Investment company, Dubai Estate, and other individuals they accused of encroaching on their ancestral land.

Carrying placards bearing messages like “Soludo, please, give solution to our lands” and “Dubai Estate obey the court order,” the protesters marched through the streets of Awka, culminating in demonstrations at the Ministry of Lands and the Government House.

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“Our lands are our heritage,” declared Mr. Benjamin Ejinaka, former Vice-Chairman of the village, addressing the crowd. “This protest is a cry for help. We demand the immediate intervention of the state government to stop this illegal land grabbing that threatens our very existence.”

Mr. Ejinaka expressed concern about the impact of the land grab on the community’s livelihood. “Our farmland is being taken away, leaving us with no means to feed our families,” he lamented.

Responding to the protesters, the Surveyor-General of the state, Mr. Anthony Idigo, promised to investigate the matter. “Your grievances have been heard loud and clear,” he assured the crowd. “We will convene a roundtable meeting with the relevant stakeholders to address this issue swiftly and fairly.”

While the authorities’ response offered some hope, the villagers remain skeptical and demand concrete action. “We’ve heard promises before,” said one protester. “This time, we need to see real progress.”

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The Ifite village land dispute sheds light on the ongoing challenges faced by communities in protecting their ancestral lands. It underscores the need for greater transparency and accountability in land ownership matters and calls for stronger safeguards against illegal activities.
The situation demands a thorough investigation and decisive action from the Anambra State government to ensure a just and equitable resolution for all parties involved. The future of Ifite village hangs in the balance, and the government must act swiftly to protect their land and their way of life.

Source: Punch Ng

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