NACCIMA Calls for Economic Inclusivity, Enabling Environment for Businesses

The Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (NACCIMA) has called for economic inclusivity and an enabling environment for businesses to thrive in Nigeria.In a statement released on Monday in Lagos, NACCIMA National President Mr Dele Oye said,.

“Economic inclusivity and an enabling environment for businesses are essential for Nigeria’s economic progress. By creating an atmosphere where everyone has the opportunity to succeed, we can create jobs, reduce poverty, and boost growth.”Oye also emphasized the importance of transparency and accountability, saying,

“These values are critical to building a globally-competitive business community that attracts investment, fosters partnerships, and expands its international presence.

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“He tasked Nigerians to remind themselves of the country’s remarkable potential and reaffirm their commitments to its growth and prosperity. “Let us work together to create a Nigeria that is economically vibrant, socially just, and environmentally sustainable,” Oye said.NACCIMA’s call for economic inclusivity and an enabling environment for businesses is timely and important. Nigeria is facing a number of economic challenges, including high inflation, unemployment, and poverty.

However, the country also has a number of strengths, including a young and growing population, abundant natural resources, and a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit.By creating an environment in which businesses can thrive, Nigeria can create jobs, reduce poverty, and boost economic growth. The government can play a role in this by creating policies that are favorable to businesses, such as reducing taxes and regulations.

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The private sector can also play a role by investing in the country and creating jobs.

Working together, the government and the private sector can help Nigeria to achieve its economic potential and create a better future for all Nigerians.

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